Monday, August 21, 2006

Deleting a POST

Today I have deleted a post and It was my best and favorite.
I even didn't backed the copy of it.

I deleted it because just after post it Google stopped caching this page.

to be continued...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Do you believe in Alexa Ranking?

Just after few month of the friendship (business tie up) of MSN and Alexa the Google lost it position (Number 2) to MSN on Alexa traffic Rankings.

Earlier by April 2006, the search results of Alexa were powered by Google now it is MSN doing the back office job for Alexa.

According to Alexa, now (well, till on august 10, 2006) MSN is on second position and Google lost one place and now have a rank of 3rd.

Notable thing is (MSN’s search engine) is now having the 13th rank and before tie up it was not in top 100.

Horse trading….

And when I searched “alexa” with, this is what I got

Today is August 10, 2006 and the Alexa is not interested in changing its description.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Google First Data Center

Probably you are familiar with Google Data Centers.

But can you tell me the location of very first Data Center 0f Google Inc.?

Okay, incase you don’t know here is the answer “Larry’s dorm room”.

Friday, August 04, 2006

How Google Crawl, Index and Ranks websites.

If you are curious about, just like other webmasters, that how actually Google rank a site or how google decide which site/results to show up in top SERP (Search engine result pages) then hear it from Google's quality engineer Matt Cutts " HERE ".

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Learing Day

Yesterday was a nice learning day for me as a blogger.

Freda highlighted some of my blogging aspect

optimizer I find it hard to take your comment seriously when I look at your blog and see you are using blogger, can barely string a sentence together in comprehensible English and that you are yet to write anything useful on your so called ‘SEO Blogging for Money’ blog. “

Yes I am full agreed with Freda that still I have to write something useful on my blog.

Thanks Freda.

Darren Rowse the mighty blogger said :
" Care to expand on why you don’t think the article is good enough to rank high? (I pressume you mean rank high in Google?) "

Thanks Darren, the next time whenever I will comment it would be clear enough to understand for the readers.

And yes, one more thing that I am being chached by google and it is true that this blog was cached within 15 minutes of its creation

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The benefits of having good Google Pagerank.

Uses of Good Google PageRank

1) Impress other webmasters.
2) It provides you the authority to talk about SEO.
3) Easy link trading.
4) Sell text ads positively.
5) Boast more on google pagerank technology.
6) Join the board of people who say “ Page rank do matter “

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fatal Error

Just when I was celebrating that Google have crawled my page something went wrong and party ends up black.

Yesterday Google showed my crawled version but today it disappeared.

"Your search - cache: - did not match any documents"

But hmmm! Doesn’t matter as I was also surprise that how google crawled me with 15 minutes of blog creation? I was thinking that I should take a snapshot of that page but now it is too late… Oh yes I am still at MSN.

Waiting for a Google Bot.

Google Blogs? Why all they have a pagerank of 6 to 8

Ahhh ! I am dyeing for a Google Pagerank while google is distributing it free to Googlers blogs.
Checkout all google blogs they all have a pagerank of 6 to 8. ( Obviously 9-10 not to mention )

Seriously Kidding ;)
AdWords API Blog
Blogger Buzz
Google AJAX Search API
Google Analytics Blog
Google Base Blog
Google Blog
Google Blog (Brasil)
Google Blog (China)
Google Blog (Italia)
Google Blog (Japan)
Google Blog (Korea)
Google Blog (Mexico)
Google Checkout
Google Code
Google Enterprise Blog
Google Maps API Blog
Google Reader Blog
Google Research
Google Talkabout
Google Video Blog
Google Web Toolkit Blog
Inside AdSense
Inside AdSense (Dutch)
Inside AdSense (German)
Inside AdSense (Spanish)
Inside AdWords
Inside Google Book Search
Inside Google Desktop
Inside Google Sitemaps

And yes what wrong have Yahoo! and Msn done ? Lingering on a page rank of 9