Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Do you believe in Alexa Ranking?

Just after few month of the friendship (business tie up) of MSN and Alexa the Google lost it position (Number 2) to MSN on Alexa traffic Rankings.

Earlier by April 2006, the search results of Alexa were powered by Google now it is MSN doing the back office job for Alexa.

According to Alexa, now (well, till on august 10, 2006) MSN is on second position and Google lost one place and now have a rank of 3rd.

Notable thing is (MSN’s search engine) is now having the 13th rank and before tie up it was not in top 100.

Horse trading….

And when I searched “alexa” with, this is what I got

Today is August 10, 2006 and the Alexa is not interested in changing its description.


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