Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Learing Day

Yesterday was a nice learning day for me as a blogger.

Freda highlighted some of my blogging aspect

optimizer I find it hard to take your comment seriously when I look at your blog and see you are using blogger, can barely string a sentence together in comprehensible English and that you are yet to write anything useful on your so called ‘SEO Blogging for Money’ blog. “

Yes I am full agreed with Freda that still I have to write something useful on my blog.

Thanks Freda.

Darren Rowse the mighty blogger said :
" Care to expand on why you don’t think the article is good enough to rank high? (I pressume you mean rank high in Google?) "

Thanks Darren, the next time whenever I will comment it would be clear enough to understand for the readers.

And yes, one more thing that I am being chached by google and it is true that this blog was cached within 15 minutes of its creation


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