Friday, July 28, 2006

Why this name :

This is just a quick note that why I chose this domain name ( ok subdomain )

A search engine optimizer will never tip you to have a such domain name. SEO will advice you to have a domain name with your most relevant keyword within it.

My story is simple. This subdomain "8logger" look likes "Blogger", so I chose it.

My first post : Blogging for Money

Obiously I don't have enough word to express "ME" as this is my very first post. I am gonna to blog for Money. Thats assure.!!!

Probably the time you will be reading this post ( I am sure, you will be), I would have been starting to earn Money. ( sorry for my grammer!!). Hope you got what I mean.

Professionaly I am a " Search Engine Optimizer ". A clean one. No Spamming, just pure seo techniques.

With my this blog ( yes I have a lot of other ) I'll talk about Making money with Blogs and search engine optimization. ( but no spamming no frodes ). " Doesn't it look likes that I am poor at spellings too." But who know it might be part of my SEO techniques.